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Who We Are

Who are these “Friends of Young Adult Ministry”?
They are friends of the Young Adult Ministry Office in the Archdiocese of Chicago from 1988-2013. Some of these friends personally benefitted during their young adult years from young adult ministry. Other friends have been supporters of the work both personally and financially. Friends have seen the value of what an effective and creativity ministry can accomplish. Now in some small way Friends of Young Adult Ministry wishes to assist others in their creative attempts to connect young adults with one another and with their religious tradition.


How did Friends begin?
Friends was asked to become the fund-raising arm of young adult ministry in Chicago. As activities continued and new ideas were being developed, it became clear that the allotted money for young adult ministry could not support those efforts.  Friends was created to raise the necessary funds to keep moving forward, keeping dreaming of what could be, and prevent this sentence from being uttered: “We cannot afford to try that.”.


2015 and Beyond
Friends now wants to support the creative efforts and new ideas in young adult ministry both locally and globally.

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